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The Fey Man - Epic Fantasy

The Fey Man
by James T. Kelly

The Fey Man (The Fair Folk Series Book 1) by [Kelly, James T]

About the Book:

Title: The Fey Man | Author: James T. Kelly | Publisher: Skerry Books Limited | Pages: 376 | Genre: Epic Fantasy

Book Description:

A legendary blade. An army led by enslaved dragons. A quest to Faerie.

Thomas Rymour is the prophet who cannot lie. Once a captive of the immortal fay, he became infatuated with their queen. Now returned to the mortal realms and haunted by a solitary, exiled fay, he is obsessed with returning to her.

But war brews in the west. The Western elfs march with magically-enslaved dragons under their thrall. The Eastern elfs hunt for an ancient sword with the power to break the Western magics. A sword only the fay know how to find.

An old friend brings the Easterners to Tom's door. They ask for his help. They ask for his loyalty. They ask him to free dragons and overthrow kings.

But can Tom become the man they want him to be? Or are the magics of Faerie too strong to fight?

The Fey Man is a lean, character-driven, action-packed epic fantasy novel.

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My Review:

The Fey Man is part of The Fair Folk series by James T. Kelly. It's a humorous epic fantasy with plenty of adventure and colorful characters. The protagonist is a human named Thomas Rymour who grew up a farmer, but never had much ambition. He let life happen to him and ended up trapped for seven years in the land of the fairies. Later he is granted the ability to see glimpses of the future, but even that is not always a helpful gift. He might not be a typical hero, but he is a hero nonetheless, especially as the story unfolds. He ends up with a group of unlikely friends who also come with their own personal weaknesses. That's what I like so much about this book. Every character is flawed and their mission seems too big for them to fulfill it. Will they succeed? The first book will leave you hanging.

About the Author:
James T. Kelly

James T Kelly

My father lulled me to sleep with physics lectures. My mother took me to libraries to give other people a chance to tell me to be quiet. When I came of age I left the big city lights and moved out east to seek my future amongst words.

I write genre stories. That means my lies are a little more fantastical, and sometimes feature unicorns and monsters.

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