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Outcast: Keepers of the Stone (Book 1)

Keepers of the Stone

Outcast: Keepers of the Stone Book One (An Historical Epic Fantasy Adventure) by [Clement, Andrew Anzur]

About the Book:

Title: Outcast: Keepers of the Stone (Book 1) | Author: Andrew Anzur Clement | Pages: 314 | Genre: Historical Epic Fantasy Adventure | Recommended Ages: Young Adult

Book Description:

A trained killer. A demonic Order. A jewel that could change the course of history.

An orphan raised by a fanatical Sect of thieves, Malka has already sacrificed the lives of her people to protect the object she carries. Having become its unwitting guardian, she is forced to flee British India for the American West. Her immediate goal? Keep the Urumi's demonic Order off her trail and avoid being taken into the ranks of its enslaved members. But – even with her superhuman speed and the aid of a mysterious shapeshifter – doing so will prove tougher than she could’ve possibly imagined.

Stas is about to go on a journey of his own. The courageous son of a refugee learns he is being sent home to a continent he has never visited. But, even as he begins to grapple with his new environment, the Order of the Urumi sets it's own plans in motion for Stas and his closest friend, Nell. They are about to embark on their most dangerous adventure yet….

Trapped in unfamiliar parts the globe and thrust into a fantasy world they do not understand, Stas, Nell and Malka must struggle to find allies. Battle the Urumi. And uncover their path to the stone’s cataclysmic final purpose.

Whether they know it or not, their most epic quest has just begun....

The Keepers of the Stone fantasy trilogy is a soul-searching, action-packed adventure that will keep you guessing from its middle-of-the-action opening, right up until the end. If you enjoy epic fantasy adventures, don't miss this trilogy of expansive proportions that tests the limits of our potential.

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My Review:

Outcast is the first book in the Keepers of the Stone trilogy. The story begins right in the middle of the action and eludes to big events that have already happened in the lives of our teenage heroes. Most of the bad guys are completely evil, but not all of them, and the good guys aren't a hundred percent good. In fact, the main protagonist, Malka, is a thief and proud of it.

The story follows the lives of three teenage heroes who begin their adventures in India and end up on different continents. They have at least five things in common: they are teenagers, they are third culture kids, they are fighting on the same side, they are keepers (protectors) of the stone, and they have a common enemy, the evil Urumi. The story also follows the life of a teenager who works for the Urumi against her will. I recommend a small understanding of world history before reading this book, because there is a lot going on. It was certainly a fascinating read that will keep your mind engaged.

About the Author:
Andrew Anzur Clement

Andrew Anzur Clement

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Raised by the Slavic branch of his family, Andrew Anzur Clement has been interested in his roots since childhood. As a teenager, he devoured numerous sci-fi/fantasy books, during which time he developed a love for the printed page. The Los Angeles native departed with a curiosity for more exotic lands at the ripe old age of nineteen and quickly discovered a pathological wanderlust that has led him to visit, live and work in many interesting places around the world. Based in Europe, the now twenty-something realizes his dream of being a full-time writer. He continues to read and travel widely, finding new stories in the places he encounters.

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