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The Lights of Time

The Lights of Time
by Paul Ian Cross

The Lights of Time (The Chronicles of Engella Rhys) by [Cross, Paul Ian]

About the Book:

Title: The Lights of Time (The Chronicles of Engella Rhys) | Author: Paul Ian Cross | Publisher: Farrow Children's Books | Genre: Time Travel/Science Fiction | Pages: 330 | Recommended Ages: Middle Grade/Young Adult

Book Description:

Would you sacrifice your future to save your past?

Engella Rhys is alone, adrift and on the run. Pursued by a secret agency, known only as the Hunters, she must stay ahead to stay alive.

As she travels through space-time using dangerously experimental technology, she only has one wish: to be reunited with her lost parents. After a close shave with a Hunter on the streets of New Shanghai, Engella escapes to find herself on a deserted beach. When she meets a kind stranger, who offers her food and shelter, Engella feels safe and protected for the first time in years.

But who is this woman? And why did their paths cross at the most convenient of times?

Engella soon discovers their lives are intertwined in more ways than she could ever imagine.

If you're a fan of science fiction action and adventure, The Lights of Time is the book for you.

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Our Review:

Amanda and I love The Lights of Time. It's a high adventure, science-fiction, time travel story. This is the first book in The Chronicles of Engella Rhys. The author, Paul Ian Cross, has been working on this series for a while now to make sure that all the events in the future books line up correctly. I'm sure it's a daunting task. For us as readers, it's just a lot of fun!

Engella is a 17-year-old girl who was separated by her parents when she was young while they were fleeing from the Hunters. Her parents were part of a small team that developed the time travel technology that Hunting Corporation stole and wants to control completely. Engella is always on the run from the Hunters. They want the shiftbands that her parents created and she has one of them. Engella just wants to find her parents, but the more she travels, the more she learns, and the more determined she becomes to put things straight.

Amanda (age 10) loves that Engella can go back to her past self and also Annys's. She likes that they can travel into different times and in the future there are bots. She was really happy that Engella could clone a pet. She's really excited to find out what will happen in the next book and if some of the Hunters are still alive or not.

Disclosure: We purchased this book on Amazon Kindle. This is our honest review.

Picture Books by Paul Ian Cross:

About the Author:
Paul Ian Cross

Paul Ian Cross

PAUL IAN CROSS is an award-winning children’s author and scientist from London, UK.

Paul works in clinical research (developing new medicines) and he’s also involved in science communication – presenting science to non-scientists. Paul enjoys his science career but he also has a real passion for writing stories! He enjoys introducing children to the wonders of science, especially reluctant readers. By introducing science creatively, he aims to spark their interest, allowing them to gain confidence with their reading. As a previous reluctant reader himself, he understands how hard it can be. But it’s all about making reading fun and interesting!

In his spare time, Paul loves visiting new and exciting places where he’s always looking for his next story. One of his favourite places is Scotland, especially the Isle of Skye. His latest adventures include a trip to Japan as well as two months travelling around the South Pacific – including Los Angeles, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia and the Cook Islands.

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