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IFA Summer Reading Challenge


Indie Fantasy Addicts Facebook Group

Break out the kegs and the summer wine, the reading challenge starts June 21! (Read any indie fantasy, any subgenre so long as it’s primarily fantasy (ARCs, audiobooks, and shorts included) and have a chance at winning some amazing prizes such as signed books, hardbacks, ebooks, audiobooks, and swag from some Amazon Bestselling and USA Today Bestselling authors! 

HOW TO PLAY: All you have to do is post about what you're reading, tag them with #IFASummerChallenge21 and share your thoughts on the books (without spoilers) so the rest of us can discover more amazing adventures! All reads must be numbered so make it easier to count. (Eg. #43 Booktitle by Killer Author) And if you can also tag your team, that would be awesome. There is no list, but all group reads are worth bonus points! (#IFASummerChallenge21Bonus) 

Every team member will be responsible for reporting your points to your captain in a spreadsheet or a weekly thread (however the team chooses to do it) just so no one is chasing after anyone. 

Group Reads: All optional reads and can be read at anytime during the challenge. Eg. If you read June’s group read in July, it’s all good! If you've read the group reads BEFORE the challenge, you do not have to reread the book to collect the points. Just share your review and collect your bonus points. (Group reads will be announced at the beginning of each month) 

The goal of the challenge? For members to discover more nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, take-you-for-a-wild-ride-and-leave-you-breathless books! 

The Challenge will go from June 21 to September 21, 2021—the last day of summer! For the solo challenge (everyone is included in this regardless of what team you’re on), your individual scores will be posted on a scoreboard and prizes will be given in order of your rank. 

TEAMS: In addition to the regular individual scoreboard, both authors and readers have the opportunity to join a team for even more fun, and more chances to win! There will also be prizes awarded to the winning team, the team with the best team spirit, the team who listened to the most audiobooks, etc. 

You can choose what team you’d like to join or if you'd like to be randomly assigned, we can do that too! (Team scores are the number of books read divided by the number of active team members so if one team has 20 members, and another 15, it doesn’t put the bigger team at an automatic advantage.) We'll post the team scores each week Harry Potter style! This is going to be a blast!!!! Start getting your Challenge TBR lists ready!!!!

Indie Fantasy Addicts Facebook Group


In addition to all the usual PHENOMENAL prizes given at the end of the #IFASummerChallenge21, this year we're offering a seriously awesome bonus to those brave literary adventurers who read one book from each of the below categories: 
Sword and Sorcery 
Low Fantasy/Magical Realism 
Coming of Age/YA 
Wildcard (Choose a genre of your choice - either unlisted or a duplicate) 

The rules are simple! 

1. Find and read one book that falls under each category. Just make sure that Humor, for example, is one of the main genres of the book if you're counting it as Humorous Fantasy. (Side note: these individual books count as regular points for the challenge: 2 pts for books with less that 100 pages, 3 pts for 100+ pages, etc.) 

2. All books must be INDIE and FANTASY. Duh šŸ˜‰ 

3. Once you've succeeded in reading a book from every category, make a post in IFA with the hashtag #AdventurerBonus and list the books you've read! Voila and congratulations!! You've now earned 25 BONUS POINTS for the Summer Reading Challenge! PLUS... 

4. So long as you use the proper hashtag, I'll enter your name into a raffle to win a prize at the end of the contest that can best be described as "a legendary treasure of riches and glory!" šŸ’° Spoiler alert: it's money. And a lot of it. šŸ’° 

If you have any questions about the contest itself, please DM me (Rachel Kullman). If you have questions about specific book genres, please ask your Team Heads / Captain. In the meantime, I've created a partial list of indie fantasy books from each category to help you get started: 

Remember: The challenge starts JUNE 21st! Only books read from that day forward count - but this list will certainly help you plan ahead! 

Happy adventuring, everyone!

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