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Window of Time by DJ Erfert

Window of Time
by DJ Erfert

WINDOW OF TIME by [Erfert, DJ]

About the Book:

Title: Window of Time | Author: DJ Erfert | Pages: 298 | Genre: Paranormal Suspense | Age Level: Young Adult

Book Description:

CIA courier Lucy James never gets used to seeing innocent people killed, but she copes with it—every day. Cursed with the ability to glimpse into the future when a death is about to happen, she has a short window of time to interfere—risking her life in order to change it. No one knows about her curse, until she saves a handsome Los Angeles firefighter trapped between her and foreign operatives hell-bent on intercepting her current assignment.

LA firefighter Johnny Cartwright’s life changes the moment he meets Lucy. His uncomplicated days flip to dangerously unpredictable after he’s drawn deeper into her secretive world of premonitions. His attraction to Lucy grows as he helps her stop a terroristic plot against the U.S., putting his life between her and certain death.

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My Review

Window of Time was my first introduction to DJ (Debra) Erfert's books and I know that it won't be my last. The romance starts off as fast as the suspense. The excitement of a kiss or touch carries on throughout the story without degenerating into steamy sex scenes. The suspense leans towards light-hearted rather than thriller. Everything is a bit fantastical in the story, but that's what makes escaping into a story fun. An author doesn't have to be overly realistic and certainly not when the story is about a lady in the CIA who glimpses into the future when a death is about to happen!

Debra included lots of fun details like what's expected of a paramedic or firefighter. I find that good knowledge of topics makes for better storytelling and she knew how to include them without being laborious about it. One thing that she didn't seem to know is that snakes are not poisonous, they are venomous. There were a couple of typos too, but it was an overall enjoyable read.

About the Author:
DJ (Debra) Erfert

Debra Erfert

While growing up, going to libraries felt like an adventure filled with mystery and wonder to Debra. The hushed tones invoked secrets, and the dusty, sometimes moldy, smell of paper was the same in each city she lived. Leaving the library with just a single book never happened. Years later, her love of reading turned to a passion for writing stories others might enjoy. She’s an award winning fine artist who lives in a southwest Arizona city with her husband, a retired police lieutenant, where the average summer temperatures are well above 100 degrees--truly hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book for my honest review.

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