Thursday, May 17, 2012

Letter by Jessica

My eldest daughter had to write a funny letter for her 8th grade English class. She chose to write about an incident that happened between her and Amanda. This took place a while back, before Amanda was four. The picture of the two girls was taken around the same time.

Dear Jenny,

The most amusing thing happened yesterday! I was playing with my baby sister, Amanda. You haven’t met her yet, but believe me when I tell you she is the most adorable thing in the world. We were having a ton of fun when I told her that Sebastian is coming tomorrow.

She suddenly swung around and fixed me with her stunning green eyes. Then, with her naughty little smile and naughty little laugh she replied, “Sebastian is my boyfriend.” I looked intently back at her and with my haughty little smile and haughty little laugh, I giggled, “No, he’s my boyfriend!”

Her facial expression changed dramatically. With her nose and tongue in the air, she stormed away. Both her hands were clenched in fists. Who would’ve guessed that a thirteen-year-old could get in a fight with a three-year-old over a boy!

I hope you had a laugh.


Just to clarify a few things in Jessica’s letter: Jenny is a fictitious person. The boyfriend is not, but he’s no longer her boyfriend. For the first two years of Amanda’s life she had very blue eyes. The kids say that her eyes have turned green like the rest of us. I sometimes think they are still more blue than green. You might like to read my post “Eye Color Conversation,” that happened between Amanda and her big brother.

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