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Goo and Spot Bedtime Story

Goo and Spot in the
Do Not Wiggle Riddle

About the Book

Title: Goo and Spot in the Do Not Wiggle Riddle * Author: Elsa Takaoka * Illustrator: Catherine Toennisson * Recommended Age: 3 to 5
Summary (Amazon): Designed to teach the importance of active listening. This amusing riddle about Goo and Spot's amazing and colorful adventures will definitely hit a child's funny bone, with a valuable lesson learned along the way. A great resource for preschool educators, librarians and parents of wiggly little children. Best suited for ages 5 and under.

FREE eBook until 17th April 2015

My Review

Goo and Spot in the Do Not Wiggle Riddle is a delightful bedtime story for girls and boys. I read it to Amanda last night. She is 7 years old and enjoyed the book thoroughly. Her favorite parts were the "Now keep your ears open and your mouth closed up tight..." and the answer to the riddle at the end of the story.

I really appreciated the idea of this book, to encourage kids to listen and think. It's a feel-good bedtime story and the fun rhyming makes it even better. I highly recommend it for boys and girls ages 7 and under.

I previously did a review for another delightful rhyming book of Elsa's. You can check out that review at A Moat is Not a Goat.

Note From The Author:
Elsa Takaoka
Elsa Takaoka, Author

I am in a foreign country learning a new language and I am a stay-at-home mommy raising two beautiful little girls. This has also given me the time and opportunity to begin my own bucket-list. On my list is writing and publishing a series of children’s books.

I have always had a love of writing, and reading to my own children has helped me rediscover my love of children’s literature. I dived head first into the vast and scary world of self-publishing and quickly discovered it is an adventure in itself.

I blog as creative outlet, and as an escape from the difficulties of learning a new language and lifestyle. I try to share what I have learned through the process of writing a picture book. I also introduce Japanese children’s literature translated into English, not otherwise easily accessible.

I am determined to continue, regardless of how many mistakes I may make. The best advice I have received has come from an unlikely source, the husband, who has told me “It is not about being wildly successful on your first attempt, it is about, persevering even through disappointments.”

Writing for children is a noble art. One that I love and support. I invite you to take a look around, and rediscover the love of children's literature.

About the Illustrator:
Catherine Toennisson

Catherine has this way of making illustrations come to life, her drawings have so much emotion, facial expression and happiness. She has the perfect combination of a fantastic imagination and innocence, that together make for very engaging illustrations.


I love to create stories.

My skills in the Animation field lie mostly in storyboarding and concept, although I also enjoy animating. I often take up freelance work for sequential art, and digital painting.

In my spare time I like to make dolls, jewelry, and paint with watercolor, or acrylics. I love to watch cartoons, films, and go hiking, or swimming when I'm away from my tablet. But I'm never without a sketchbook, and the sense to capture the world around me.

Visit her website Painted Deer

Disclosure: I follow Author Elsa Takaoka on Facebook and saw her latest update about the above book. When I learned that the eBook was free for a limited time, I offered to do a review for her. This review is my own.

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