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Elphie and Dad Picture Book

Elphie and Dad Go On an
Epic Adventure

About the Book:

Title: Elphie and Dad Go On an Epic Adventure | Author: Hagit R. Oron | Illustrator: Or Oron | Genre: Picture Book | Pages: 47

Book Description:

For Elphie, everything is an adventure. But Dad is cautious. Is Dad going to join Elphie on his quest or is the trip to the shop going to be dull and boring?

Join Elphie and Dad to find out!

Elphie and Dad Go On an Epic Adventure is a fun book that addresses kids and parents alike. It shows how you can transform everyday chores into exciting adventures.

My Review:

Amanda and I read the adorable picture book, Elphie and Dad Go On an Epic Adventure. We think Elphie is really cute. Elphie is a young elephant that is learning about his world. He still makes mistakes like running across the road. Amanda told me why it's important to cross the road with a parent or an older sibling.

We liked his epic adventure with his dad. We liked how his dad turned his tie into a headband to get into character. Ordinary every day things became extraordinary. One of the adventures was rescuing a "princess" from a tree. That gave us a giggle.

This is a great picture book for children ages 3 to 7.

Book Text: We rescued a princess.

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Elphie and Dad go on an Epic adventure (Elphie's books Book 1) by [Oron, Hagit R.]

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About the Mother-Daughter Team:
Hagit R. and Or Oron

Hagit R. and Or Oron are a mother and daughter who love to create, imagine, laugh and have fun together. Their mission is to bring joy and happiness to kids and parents all around the world. How? One picture book at a time.

Disclosure: I grabbed a free copy of this book from Amazon Kindle. Amanda received a copy of the paperback from the author as a belated birthday gift. I chose to do this promotional post, because I wanted to.

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