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Yumi's Extraordinary Collection

About the Book:

Title: Yumi's Extraordinary Collection | Author: Elsa Takaoka | Illustrator: Catherine Toennisson | Pages: 38 | Recommended Age: 6 - 9

Book Description:

Yumi's Extraordinary Collection is the story of Yumi who was born into a family of collectors who pride themselves with their eccentric and wacky collections. The long line of proud collectors grows and grows until… she comes along. The bond between one generation of collectors and the next takes an unexpected twist with the birth of Yumi, who unlike the rest was not born a natural collector. She is determined to find not just any collection but a truly extraordinary collection. With help from her grandmother, Yumi learns that the greatest things of all.. are not things at all!

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My Review:

Amanda and I were thrilled to receive a new picture book from one of our favorite Indie authors, Elsa Takaoka and her amazing illustrator, Catherine Toenisson. These two have been a dynamic team and I hope to see more from them! The book that Elsa gave us is Yumi's Extraordinary Collection. It's the first time she wrote a multicultural story and for an older age group. The recommended age on Amazon is 6 to 9, but my 16-year-old was drawn to the book and read it for herself!

Amanda and I really enjoyed the story. I think it's cleverly written with just the right amount of wonder and discovery. Amanda learned a few new words like porcelain and kimono. This story teaches the value of family, multi-generations and being yourself. I highly recommend it for all children.

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About the Author:
Elsa Takaoka

Budding author Elsa Takaoka puts her pen to paper and creates a fun and heart-warming story. Spinning words with natural creativity, Elsa discovered her love of language at a very early age. She then pursued a career in Speech Language Pathology and English as a Second Language until the birth of her first daughter. Reading to her own little girls sparked her whimsical journey through children’s literature. Her dream to write and publish a picture book was achieved with Goo and Spot and The Do Not Wiggle Riddle, the first in the Goo and Spot book series.

Currently, Elsa lives in Fukuoka, Japan with her sources of inspiration- her loving husband and their two adorable little girls.

About the Illustrator:
Catherine Toennisson

Catherine grew up alongside her twin sister in the small city of Norris Tennessee. Together they climbed trees, and waded through creeks in search of frogs and fairies. Her love of nature and whimsy came with her when she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend The Art Insistute. Graduating with honors, and a Bachelor's of Fine arts in Media arts and Animation. She continued into her career, working as a storyboard revisionist for Big Idea Entertainment, and then into freelance. Illustrating a series of children's books written by Elsa Takaoka. Currently she's writing her own books, and working late nights in her home studio. In her free time she enjoys doll making, watching Ghibli films, swimming, and can never pass up a good cup of coffee, or a stroll through the woods.

Visit her website: Painted Deer

Disclosure: Amanda and I received this new picture book as a gift and we were not asked to do anything in return. I chose to do this review because I wanted to.

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