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Maximize Your Potential Blog Revenue By Utilizing Your Blog Sidebar

Guest Post by Janine Huldie from
Janine's Confessions of a Mommyaholic

Blogging, for many, is done for fun when first begun. This is what I thought and my main reason when I began.

See, I was a teacher before I had my kids and during my second pregnancy lost my position due to the economy and budget cuts.

Overnight, I became a stay at home mom. We went from two incomes to one, but it seemed ok and doable at first.

As much as I loved being at home with my girls, I did get to a point where I needed something for me and even a place to share all our daily exploits. I also wanted to know some of what I was experiencing as a mom to two little girls was normal and that I wasn't alone.

See, being alone with two babies under two can be quite overwhelming and as crazy as times can get, still definitely kind of lonely and short of adult stimulation to say the least.

So, I started my blog and did indeed begin sharing my life with the whole free world on the internet. I loved it from first bite to be quite honest.

But then I started to catch the blogging and making money bug, which I remember the first time that I found out that not only can you write from home, share and get to know others this way, but you can also make a living off doing this, as well.

I saw an infographic that was shared about bloggers and how much money they made over the course of the last year.

Click image to enlargeEarth Day 2012
Source: H&R Block

I truly had no idea that this was even possible until I saw that.

I decided to immerse myself and learn all I could after seeing that.

Recently I was asked to share a few tips from Tina from Amanda's Books and More on indeed making money from blogging.

One of the biggest and best things I did to monetize my blog was setting up my sidebar properly and including ads from both other bloggers and affiliate companies.

So, the question is, "How do you set up your sidebar to indeed make you money?"

Other than making sure to have the essentials included, such as social media buttons, so you could be found online and even e-mailed by potential clients, bloggers and companies, as well as having a blogger "grab me button" and even an "about me" graphic image with text to explain who you are, you will need to make sure to make money by having some other key elements.

Read on to find out now, my tips for a successful, revenue making sidebar.

Maximize Your Blog Revenue by Utilizing Your Blog Sidebar
Maximize Your Blog Revenue by Utilizing Your Blog Sidebar

1. Set up a blogging advertising account with the likes of Passionfruit. This will enable bloggers, Etsy shop owners and other companies to pay you money to place their ads on your side bar offering different sizes and options, even including in post advertisements, too.

2. Set up accounts with Affiliate marketing companies, such as Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, Linkshare and ShareASale to be able to run companies latest banners (ads) with their current promotional offers to your readers.

3. Also sign up with blogger affiliations, such as BlogHer, SITS, Clever Girl Collective, Influenster, or Sverve to be able to not only display their buttons, but become active in their communities, where you can be afforded blogger opportunities to work with the companies they are affiliated with to write posts, try new products and make money through this, as well as lacing ads that if clicked on can make you a share of their profit.

4. Also join groups such as Top Mommy Blogs or Mommy Hot Spot, where many companies lurk to find influential bloggers to work with to share their products by trying them out and also making money in the process. These groups run on voting and the more votes you get by readers clicking on these banners, the more influential you are by being higher in rank on their sites.

5. Put all this together and make sure to have a nice assortment/arrangement of these types of money making banners placed on your sidebar to maximize your profit potential.

These are just a few of the ways I have indeed made money blogging just by utilizing my sidebar to do so. Hope this helps you to get some ideas to make money.

Also, if you have anything that I have not shared here that has helped you in making a profit, please do feel free to share this here with us today.

Thanks and Happy Blogging!

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