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Jewels by Julia eBook Review

Happy American Thanksgiving Day!

Jewels by Julia eBook Review

Today I have an exciting eBook review and author interview to share with you. My guest is Julia Erickson and she's written three eBooks on jewelry making. My daughters and I have begun making necklaces and a couple of bracelets after being inspired by Julia's books and we're having a blast. It's a great way to spend mother-daughter time and even make Christmas presents for friends and loved ones.

Learn how to make seven different styles of necklaces, seven different styles of earrings, and five different bracelet designs with the "How To Create" eBooks by Julia Erickson. These books are beautifully laid out with color photos and accompanying text.

I focused my attention on the necklace eBook and learned how to make simple necklaces after following her photos and instructions. And, that's just the beginning. There's so much more the girls and I can learn to develop our craft. I recommend all three eBooks to all mothers and daughters. Jewelry making is lots of fun and very rewarding.

Author Interview

1. How old were you when you first began beading?

I was six years old, and my mom let me play around with clear plastic fishline and cheap but colorful plastic beads. I LOVED it. From there on I went into making beaded earrings and selling them for 50 cents a pair at yard sales, craft shows, church bazaars, and anywhere I could set up a little table and sell! Now I work with much nicer materials... and I think the design quality of my work has improved! ;)

2. What was the first thing you made and what did you think of it?

I'm pretty sure the first things I made at six years old were really long necklaces of plastic beads strung at random - and of course I thought they were lovely, but couldn't figure out why Mama never wore them... haha! When I got more serious about beading at age 13, I made a bracelet with glass beads in each color of the rainbow, in order, (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple) with small silver balls in between. It was cute!

3. How did you learn your craft and how do you keep developing it?

Honestly, a lot of the jewelry design comes naturally to me, it's the way my brain works. I am extremely creative and finding colors and shapes that work well together is easy for me - all I needed to do was learn the basic techniques of how to put things together (like I tell you how to in my books) and then I was off and running. :D But I am always on the lookout for what's popular and new and interesting... Pinterest is a great place for ideas! :)

4. Who or what inspired you to sell your creations?

My sweet mom was the driving force and greatest support in starting a jewelry business as young as I did. Without her help and encouragement, I doubt it would have even gotten off the ground. I owe most of my success to her! But you know, you don't have to have a business to make jewelry... making it for yourself and for totally awesome gifts is really the most fun.

5. How old were you when you began writing your jewelry making eBooks and did you get any help?

I was 20 years old (I'm 22 now) when I wrote my eBooks in the spring of 2011, and no, I did not have any help - I wrote, designed, and photographed the entire project of 3 books in about a week and a half because I wanted to have them ready to sell at a convention I was attending in Atlanta. The Earrings book, in particular, was completed in one day! :)

Jewelry is so much fun to make and wear, it's a beautiful, fun, and creative art, and I think everyone should give it a try! :) There's nothing like getting compliments on something gorgeous that you've made yourself. :)



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