Tuesday, October 10, 2017

17th Birthday and a Linky

17th Birthday
and a Linky

My middle daughter, Samantha, turned 17 on Monday. I didn't take any photos of her, because she hasn't been well. She experienced 3 seizures over 2 days, which she never had before. On Saturday it was confirmed that she has epilepsy.

We had an early birthday breakfast celebration on Monday and then I took her back to the hospital where she had been undergoing tests that Saturday. It seems that one of the tests, the lumbar puncture, was causing her to have terrible headaches and nausea due to a lack of care by the nurses after the procedure. The nurses made her sit up after an hour when she was supposed to lie down for at least four. She did question them about it and also told them what the doctor had told her. We have emailed a letter of complaint. Now she is on bed rest for three days. At least she hasn't had another seizure since going on medication for epilepsy.

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