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Unweaving Chronicles Trilogy

I have included my reviews for Teeth of the Gods and Lightning Strikes Twice. The author, Sarah K.L. Wilson, tells me that the third book, Thunder Rattles High, is her favorite in the series.

Teeth of the Gods
Unweaving Chronicles Book 1

Teeth of the Gods (Unweaving Chronicles Book 1) by [Wilson, Sarah K. L.]

About the Book:

Title: Teeth of the Gods (Book 1) | Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson | Pages: 354 | Genre: Fantasy and Science-Fiction | Recommended Age: Young Adult

Book Description:

Chained to an enemy general. Determined to be free.

After years in seclusion and training, eighteen-year-old Tylira Nyota is summoned by the High Tazmin to be chained to a fallen enemy general. She is a terrible choice to receive this honor – her magic is useless and she finds it impossible to fit in the world she was born to.

Determined to keep her freedom, Tylira instead joins the legendary race for the fabled Teeth of the Gods. With an angry step-mother chasing her and the handsome general chained to her wrist, Tylira must learn to control her magic - which is turning out to be deadly – before it destroys everything she’s fought to gain.

My Review:

Teeth of the Gods is a thrilling story full of magic, romance, and betrayal with one girl passionately driven to doing things her own way when everything has been dictated to her her entire life. Can things get any worse when she is physically abused by her step-mother and magically chained to an enemy general? This is an intense fantasy novel with a bit of science-fiction and a great first book in the trilogy.

Lightning Strikes Twice
Unweaving Chronicles Book 2

Lightning Strikes Twice (Unweaving Chronicles Book 2) by [Wilson, Sarah K. L.]

About the Book:

Title: Lightning Strikes Twice (Book 2) | Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson | Pages: 300 | Genre: Fantasy and Science-Fiction | Recommended Age: Young Adult

Book Description:

A mad emperor. A frozen world. Sacrifices will be made.

After finding the Teeth of the Gods, eighteen-year-old Tylira Nyota thought things couldn’t get any more challenging. But when she realizes that she is the only one capable of stopping the coming cataclysm, she must enter another world to find the answers she needs – fight in the middle of a war.

Determined to do what it takes to find her world’s salvation, Tylira forges her own path with only Rusk Hawkwing by her side. But when she meets the Emperor of Veen, the terrifying Catane, everything begins to spiral out of control and she may need to make impossible choices just to survive.

My Review:

Lightning Strikes Twice is more intense than the first book. Tylira has learned how to tap into her powers, but she's up against a formidable foe who has the same abilities as her, only stronger. She has Rusk as her ally, but there's another man asking for her hand in marriage. She might have to say yes in order to save Rusk. Can Tylira put her personal desires aside to do what others need her to do? This was a great second book in the trilogy. I am looking forward to more books by Sarah K.L. Wilson. She's a great story-teller!

Thunder Rattles High
Unweaving Chronicles Book 3

Thunder Rattles High (Unweaving Chronicles Book 3) by [Wilson, Sarah K. L.]

About the Book:

Title: Thunder Rattles High (Book 3) | Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson | Pages: 271 | Genre: Fantasy and Science-Fiction | Recommended Age: Young Adult

Book Description:

Desperation. Magic. Unflinching Courage.

After fleeing Axum with an army and her life, eighteen-year-old Tylira Nyota believes she may have found the key to save her world from the cataclysm tearing it apart. But when Emperor Catane follows her with the armies of Veen, it becomes a race against time, nature, and Catane’s insatiable desire for power and domination.

Determined to heal her world, Tylira must use every ally and every scrap of skill and creativity she can find to turn back the tides that threaten to rip apart everything she loves. But when everything she tries seems to be insufficient to stem the rising tide, will she have the courage to meet the ultimate test of her determination and love?

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About the Author:
Sarah K.L. Wilson

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