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Window of Darkness

Window of Darkness
(Book 3 in the Window of Death Trilogy)
by D.J. Erfert

Window of Darkness: Book 3 in the Window of Time Trilogy by [Erfert, DJ]

About the Book:

Title: Window of Darkness (Book 3) | Author: D.J. Erfert | Publication: Stone Horse Press | Pages: 285 | Genre: Paranormal Suspense | Age Level: Young Adult

Book Description:

The difference between a gift and a curse is only a matter of perspective.

To Lucy Cartwright, a glimpse into the future means a chance to save innocent people from an untimely death to live another day—or for a lifetime. In her eyes, it’s a true gift. Her uncle has a different way of looking at the ability he shares with his niece. To him, it’s a curse that tortures his soul so badly he wants it to end. It drives him insane. But when he wants to stop Lucy’s curse before he dies, she has to hunt him down before he finds her first.

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My Review

Window of Darkness is the third book in the Window of Time trilogy. It's a page-turner story as CIA Agent Lucy Cartwright solves cases with the help of her friends and family. She has recently learned that she has an uncle who has wanted her dead since she was a baby. He killed her mother and many women who remind him of her. There's also an arsonist setting dangerous fires in her husband's district, nearly killing him and other firefighters on his team. On top of that, there's a power hungry Assistant Director at the CIA who has been trying to uncover Lucy's secret for years and will stop at nothing, even if it ruins Lucy's career.

There is plenty of suspense with multiple bad guys, lots of action, some romance, strong friendships, and paranormal elements. I can easily picture this trilogy becoming a television series.

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About the Author:
DJ (Debra) Erfert

Debra Erfert

While growing up, going to libraries felt like an adventure filled with mystery and wonder to Debra. The hushed tones invoked secrets, and the dusty, sometimes moldy, smell of paper was the same in each city she lived. Leaving the library with just a single book never happened. Years later, her love of reading turned to a passion for writing stories others might enjoy. She’s an award winning fine artist who lives in a southwest Arizona city with her husband, a retired police lieutenant, where the average summer temperatures are well above 100 degrees--truly hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book for my honest review.

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