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A Strange Twist of Fate

A Strange Twist of Fate
by Debra Erfert

A Strange Twist of Fate by [Erfert, Debra]

About the Book:

Title: A Strange Twist of Fate | Author: Debra Erfert | Pages: 260 | Genre: Romantic Mystery | Age Level: Young Adult

Book Description:

One widow, one killer—who will die first?

Gutsy, grieving Anna is determined to find who murdered her husband. Hampered by agonizing loneliness, her obsessive-compulsive mother, and her over-controlling father, she defies convention, and the law, to investigate on her own. When she runs up against Lee Adams, a handsome police detective who’s determined to save Anna from herself, she has to step up her rogue search for the killer, before time and dwindling leads run out.

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My Review

A Strange Twist of Fate is Debra Erfert at her best. It is a clean romantic mystery. The plot has several layers and is well developed. The pace moves quickly with suspense elements throughout. The romance is lively.

Anna is a likable young widow with strong drive. Her husband's deadly car accident looks suspicious and she is convinced that it was murder. She fears that her private investigation and thorough note-taking might be the early signs of an obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is partly what her mother suffers from.

Lee Adams is a police detective going through a divorce. He throws all his time and energy into his job to escape his sparsely furnished little apartment and betrayed heart while his soon-to-be ex-wife is living in their home happily moving on with her life. When Lee helps Anna out of a tight patch at the police station, he finds he's falling for an independent girl that might need protecting.

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About the Author:
DJ (Debra) Erfert

Debra Erfert

While growing up, going to libraries felt like an adventure filled with mystery and wonder to Debra. The hushed tones invoked secrets, and the dusty, sometimes moldy, smell of paper was the same in each city she lived. Leaving the library with just a single book never happened. Years later, her love of reading turned to a passion for writing stories others might enjoy. She’s an award winning fine artist who lives in a southwest Arizona city with her husband, a retired police lieutenant, where the average summer temperatures are well above 100 degrees--truly hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book for my honest review.

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