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The Matsumoto

The Matsumoto
Matsumoto Trilogy Book 3

The Matsumoto (The Matsumoto Trilogy Book 3) by [Wilson, Sarah K. L.]

About the Book:

Title: The Matsumoto (Book 3 in the Matsumoto Trilogy) | Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson | Pages: 304 | Genre: A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller | Recommended Age: Young Adult

Book Description:

Vera and Roman are reunited, but as things get worse for the Blackwatch Empire there’s only one way Vera’s path can take her: to the throne or to her death. Will the allies she’s made be enough to help her seize the empire? Will her unique abilities, enhanced by her implant, give her the resources she needs to fight an interplanetary army? And will Roman still stick with her now that her path is leading where neither of them wanted to go?

A young adult science fiction thriller with epic themes of family, duty, and conscience, a diverse cast, non-stop action and romantic sub-plots that echo the work of S. J. Kincaid’s “The Diabolic” or Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games.”

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My Review:

The Matsumoto, Book 3, is just as intense as the first two books in this science fiction series. You never know what to expect and there are a number of surprises. In Book 2 Vera Matsumoto learns to embrace her ex-pacifism, but reconsiders her choice in Book 3. Even the romance between Vera and Roman isn't straightforward. The world building and plot are more developed, bringing this final book to a near satisfying ending.

I would have liked there to be a few more happy times with Vera and Roman. The romance between them is one of the things that makes this series so exciting. They are a dynamic team and their relationship is constantly being tested. I also think that Roman played too much of the second fiddle in this story. He could have shined a bit more.

I am looking forward to more books by Sarah K.L. Wilson. She's a great story-teller.

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About the Author:
Sarah K.L. Wilson

Sarah K L Wilson

I believe that fiction can help us find our true roots. I write cross-over SFF YA fiction that draws out philosophy and deeper themes. I'm a Canadian self-published author with a great network of other writers and readers backing me. Come join my tribe and share your thoughts with me!

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