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The Splitting

The Splitting
Matsumoto Trilogy Book 2

The Splitting (The Matsumoto Trilogy Book 2) by [Wilson, Sarah K. L.]

About the Book:

Title: The Splitting (Book 2 in the Matsumoto Trilogy) | Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson | Pages: 263 | Genre: A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller | Recommended Age: Young Adult

Book Description:

Vera is no longer a passive, brain-washed teen. Now she’s on a prison planet filled with shadowy aliens and ‘allies’ who want her dead. There’s only one thing she wants: escape. But to get it, she’ll have to become bolder than she ever dreamed was possible.

A young adult science fiction thriller with epic themes of family, duty, and conscience, a diverse cast, non-stop action and romantic sub-plots that echo the work of S. J. Kincaid’s “The Diabolic” or Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games.”

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My Review:

The Splitting is another fast paced science fiction novel in the Matsumoto Trilogy. The teenage heroine, Vera, is fighting to survive on a strange planet with deadly shadows. What experiments were being tested here and why are the aliens so hostile? Why did the Emperor, her cousin, want to "colonize" this planet? She knows that all the colonists, including herself, are really prisoners.

There are a lot of interesting characters in this second book. Most of the people Vera meets want her dead. Vera is learning how to think for herself now that she has decided to embrace her ex-pacifism. The connection between her and her ex-bodyguard, Roman, is still strong, although there is less romance with the two of them being separated.

I enjoyed the witty dialogue, especially Vera's retorts. She is always in a tough situation. If she's not fighting for her life, she is probably being misjudged. You can't help rooting for her. Roman too, even though he features a lot less in book 2.

I have to warn you that the second book, like the first one, does not have a satisfactory ending. It will leave you in suspense. The first book is only $0.99 and the second and third books are reasonably priced at $2.99 on Amazon Kindle, so budget for that before starting the series.

Here are two great quotes from the book:

Quote 1: Smiles were shared all around, and once again I was the only person not in on things. I was starting to think that I was such a square peg that I'd never find a hole that fit me. Even the hole marked "Matsumoto" wasn't shaped right anymore, although everyone I met kept trying to hammer me back into it.

Quote 2: It turned out I was a Matsumoto after all. Who would have thought I’d be so good at it?

My Review of Book 1:
The Ex-Pacifist

The Ex-Pacifist (Book 1)
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Amazon Kindle!

About the Author:
Sarah K.L. Wilson

Sarah K L Wilson
I believe that fiction can help us find our true roots. I write cross-over SFF YA fiction that draws out philosophy and deeper themes. I'm a Canadian self-published author with a great network of other writers and readers backing me. Come join my tribe and share your thoughts with me!

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