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Dragon Stories and a Linky

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Book 1

The Innkeeper's Son: The Jester King Fantasy Series: Book One by [Herbel, K. C.]

My Review:

The Innkeeper's Son is one of the best fantasy books that I've read this year! It reminded me of the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. When I got to the end of the book, I discovered that these authors were K.C. Herbel's inspiration. It was a page-turner of a story with plenty of lively characters and evil ones too.

There are many lighthearted moments following Billy's humorous antics, which are sometimes planned, but often not. Billy's sunny disposition puts many in a good mood, but others want him dead. His naturally trusting manner could put him in peril. I had so much fun reading Book 1 that I can't wait to read Book 2, The Jester!

Book 1

Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy (The Taverner's Daughter Book 1) by [Randall, Christine J]

My Review:

Taniel: The Taverner's Daughter is a sassy tale of misadventures in love. There are plenty of twists with suspense and intrigue, but Taniel has to be careful who gets her pregnant! Yes, it's a saucy tale and the author, Christine J. Randall, doesn't use too many euphemisms. The story has just as much character as the dragon on the book's cover!

The protagonist, Taniel, is in her twenties and her father, who is often drunk, runs the local tavern. Even though she seems held back by her gender (because of the culture) and her somewhat useless father, she is full of spunk and passion. Her father also has an opportunity to redeem himself, but I think we'll see more of him in Book 2. Taniel falls almost instantly in love with Jarryd, a man whom she thinks is a dragonrider. He means well, but he also has a few vices. Perhaps his vices, though, aren't as bad as others. Did Taniel make the right choice? And, why does everyone want a piece of her? The ending leaves you breathless and wanting more!

Book 1

The Finding: The Legend of Oescienne by [Johnson, Jenna Elizabeth]

My Review:

The Finding is the first book in The Legend of Oescienne. Written like a classic epic fantasy, Jenna Elizabeth Johnson artfully creates a world that has survived a dreadful battle where humans no longer exist. The heroes are world-weary dragons and a little human girl. When a girl baby is found under miraculous circumstance, Jaax, the dragon, is tasked in looking after her. He is a very busy dragon with the weight of the world on his shoulders, so he passes the job onto an even older and wiser dragon named Hoombra. The girl, named Jahrra, grows well under his tutelage. She doesn't know that she's a human. She is told that she is half elf to protect her from danger and evil. The only evil she knows of, though, are of the horrible elf bullies at her country school. Book 1 ends with her still as a child. Will she be ready for what lies ahead?


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