Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm Emotionally Drained

Jessica and Jeremiah - summer holiday, 2010
My nerves were completely shot after a judgment error on my part. It all started when I took my teenagers to the doctor. At first, it was just Jessica and me sitting in the waiting room. They were fully booked, but they still let us squeeze in and sit it out. While I was waiting, I got a call to say that my son was really sick and wanted to leave school. So, I picked him up while Jessica remained behind waiting and with their permission, brought Jeremiah also to the doctor’s. He’s our family doctor, so I was willing to wait instead of going somewhere else.

But my day didn’t go so smoothly. I bumped another car while parking my Micro Bus. It was in a pressure moment that I made a hasty decision and a bad one at that. I tried to forward park and forgetting about my long back end, swiped the front corner bumper of the parked car behind. Oops!

Our not-so-sexy family car, but it does the job
I need to stop and count my blessings. For one, my dear hubby handled the phone calls while I and the two kids continued waiting at the doctor’s. Our insurance is now handling it. The damage to our car was so minimal that we can hardly see the couple of scratches. The other car has some scratches and a slightly bent bumper.

Now it’s evening and I’m still emotionally drained. The kids both have a bad case of sinusitis, by the way. I hope your day has is going better.

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